Ana Finel Honigman portrait

Ana Finel Honigman / Saccharine

Ana Finel Honigman’s latest curatorial project, Saccharine, takes place as part of the D12 series of exhibitions at Grimmuseum, Berlin, 8 through 17 October 2010. The exhibition features major and emerging, international artists working in diverse media. A contemporary art and fashion writer and art historian, Finel Honigman has taken feminist scholar and female escort “Nadja Veblen” as her muse for this show’s theme: an exploration of intimacy in the complexities of both its nurturing and artificial capacities. “Nadja” certainly does not take her position lightly; she understands that she has been extremely fortunate to work with kind and caring people throughout her time as an escort. Well aware of the real and extreme dangers of prostitution, and with no wish to promote or glamourise the escort business, “Nadja’s” hope, in participating in Saccharine, is to share her experiences in a non-tabloid (perhaps therefore, non-hysterical and non-“glossy”) forum. In this way, her unique insights into relationships and intimacy might be found to be valuable.

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