Stephanie Barber, Lawn Poem

Art Writing: An interdisciplinary evening

An evening of screenings, performances, and texts curated by Becky Hunter provides space to explore, discuss, and nurture this new, interdisciplinary field of practice, commentary and research.

In her Lawn Poem lecture, multimedia artist Stephanie Barber proposes a new, spatial and organic method of appreciating literature: “To know a poem one must live with it. One must dig their toes into its very L’s and O’s. One must watch their children and city constituents grow and raise children of their own on it.” Barber has had numerous solo screenings of her film and video work including shows at MoMA and Anthology Film Archives, NYC.

At 8:10pm Philadelphia time, Tamarin Norwood presents My House and Other Inventions, a synchronized domestic spectacle, live and unobserved from her home in Oxford, England. A recorded commentary anticipates and prescribes her actions, addressing ambiguities over who’s watching whom, how time unfolds through space, and how presence emerges in absence. The piece develops from her recent performance events at Tate Britain (2010, 2011) and forthcoming interventions at Modern Art Oxford (2012) exploring choreography, simultaneity and representation.

Bethan Lewis’s White Sea records memories of her paternal grandmother, hand-translating this typed and printed English text into her grandmother’s native Welsh. Acknowledging the different places in which the work is made and received, the piece touches on Lewis’ feelings about Welshness, living in her grandmother’s house, and being an artist. On her personal subject, she says, “The writing that I enjoy most often counters loneliness through simply sharing experience.”

The event also includes work by David Berridge, Matt Kalasky, Beth Heinly, and Renée Newell Russo.

AUX Performance Space, 25 November, 2011.

Image credit: Stephanie Barber