In progress: Romancing The Line

Some short fiction/art writing I’m working on: Before you begin to draw, you’ll need immaculately stretched, white paper. Stretch the paper by first baptizing it with water from a sponge, and then, quickly and gently, flattening it against a wall, maybe with the help of a friend who holds the top corners in place while […]

Don McCullin Landscape Photography

Don McCullin: Shaped By War And More

Interview with Don McCullin Read the illustrated PDF Internationally renowned photojournalist Don McCullin recently gave a talk at the Imperial War Museum, London, where an exhibition surveying his life’s work – Shaped by War – is now on display. In attendance was a young man: “He was a photographer, I thought he was a soldier… […]

Concept plus object: Agnes Martin, laughter & psychoanalysis

Marika Rose and I ask why people laughed at Agnes Martin’s drawings in the 1960s, using psychoanalytic theory as a framework for discussion. For the month of July, 2012, I’m collaborating with Marika Rose on Concept Plus Object an online writing residency set up by Philadelphia artists Tim Portlock, Anita Allyn, and Jim Johnson. Jane […]

Blowing on a Hairy Shoulder / Grief Hunters

BLOWING ON A HAIRY SHOULDER / GRIEF HUNTERS, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, September 7–December 4, 2011 Date: January, 2012 | Publisher: Art Papers Israeli artist, theorist, and curator Doron Rabina used his latest curatorial project, Blowing on a Hairy Shoulder / Grief Hunters, to revisit the strained relationship between two heavily debated concepts in the history of art: origin and originality. This […]

Duett: Matt Giel & Alanna Lawley

Two artists reach “across the pond” to produce three dimensional, photographic and mixed media work in response to each other’s practice and to Grizzly Grizzly’s space. Facilitated by art writer Becky Hunter, “Duett” presents the results of a sporadic, six-month transatlantic exchange between British, Berlin-based artist Alanna Lawley and Matt Giel, an American photographer living […]