Grids: formalized violence

Just watched this short interview with Cornelia Parker. She’s sitting at her desk in front of a big window sewing grid lines into a piece of white paper, using thin wire drawn from bullet-metal as thread. She says, There’s approximately a bullet’s worth of lead in each drawing, so when you get this grid it’s […]


Review: Matt Calderwood / David Jablonowski

While I was in the UK in April, I visited some shows in the North of England. The physical and conceptual overlaps between these two exhibitions prompted an Art Papers extended review. The May/June issue of Art Papers focuses on space as context. Matt Calderwood / David Jablonowski BALTIC 39, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne / BALTIC, Gateshead, UK […]


This ‘Me’ of Mine: Accompanying Book

From 2011–13, I have been following Jane Boyer’s progress as she has brought her curatorial project This ‘Me’ of Mine from “idea to intention,” and now to realisation. The Arts Council England-funded touring exhibition is currently up at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks. I contributed an interview with Jane and an essay on the web-based portion of […]


Julianna Foster: In, and for, themselves

Julianna Foster’s Kirkwood (2011) photographs set a derelict cottage in a dense, encroaching forest. Mud, ash and paper scatter within its ripped walls and in an eerie dislocation of scale, a single flame stretches to threaten a whole room. It takes a few minutes to register that the house is a modest plywood model, deliberately […]


Reading Room at little berlin

Reading Room, at little berlin, explores some of the ways in which contemporary visual artists, poets, writers, and scholars practice in the rich seam between art and writing. Focusing on works with particular sensual, personal, or material immediacy, the exhibition seeks to integrate expression and analysis. Exhibition curated in July 2012 by Becky Huff Hunter.  […]

Don McCullin Landscape Photography

Don McCullin: Shaped By War And More

Interview with Don McCullin Read the illustrated PDF Internationally renowned photojournalist Don McCullin recently gave a talk at the Imperial War Museum, London, where an exhibition surveying his life’s work – Shaped by War – is now on display. In attendance was a young man: “He was a photographer, I thought he was a soldier… […]