Little Berlin show devoted to art and writing

Check your literal-mindedness at the door. “Reading Room: Intersections Between Art & Writing,” a group show organized by Becky Huff Hunter for Little Berlin, reveals itself slowly. Eventually, though, the boundaries between the two mediums of expression begin to blur — and fascinatingly so. Artists can be strikingly original writers and vice versa. If you […]

Matt Giel, Atlantic City, photograph in Duett at Grizzly Grizzly, Jan 2012

Duett: Becky Hunter makes her curatorial debut, by Ana Finel Honigman

For “Duett,” her curatorial debut, critic Becky Hunter demonstrated how an excellent curator combines the skills of a scholar and yenta. The match Hunter made between Berlin-based British artist, Alanna Lawley, and Philadelphian photographer, Matt Giel, yielded an intelligent, creative, conversation about photography, distance, abstract communication and curatorship. In the spirit of today’s Internet age, […]

Artist, curator and critic Jane Boyer interviews Becky on her research and writing, and her intentions for CONCEPT PLUS OBJECT

I’ve repeatedly failed at making art, but my critical interest in Martin has only deepened. I observe in much of her work (not just the black paintings) a tense, disquieting affect, detailed in this review (2009). Through archival research, I discovered that before her major 1973 retrospective at ICA Philadelphia, responses to Martin’s work were far more ambivalent […]