Epic Pain / Little Berlin

Miranda July’s collection of short stories No-one Belongs Here More Than You (2007) steps with awkward intimacy around our need for acceptance. A teenage girl, seduced by a (possibly) imaginary, dark being, spends her adult life seeking “Steve” in human outsiders; a beautiful fifteen year old resolves to have a disfiguring port wine stain removed from her face, tired of the ways strangers seem to measure themselves against her polarised appearance.

This difficult and intensely sensual negotiation of relationships, resonating throughout adulthood, is the subject of wild play and sophisticated analysis in Epic Pain, an exhibition curated by performance artist Leslie Rogers. Framed as a show informed by pre-institutional (read: pre-art school) creativity, the exhibition features objects made by artists during their teens; artist reflections on youthful experience; an actor’s first gallery outing; and a spontaneous “performance” by a teenage boy captured on YouTube.

Read more at Whitehot Magazine, published June 2011.