Jeremy Hutchinson / Nothing Need Be Ugly

After producing a wry installation in 2010 in response to one of Tottenham Court Road department store Heal’s old advertising slogans, London-based artist Jeremy Hutchison was approached by the company to design for mass production. A friend alerted me to this odd turn of events, describing the institutional-critique-turned-business-opportunity as a “rather fun contradictory muddle.” The resulting mix of clean-lined objects, oh-so British phrases (“tea first milk second”, “don’t blow your soup”), dark Helvetica styling and shop window display made it worth untangling in more depth. Jeremy & I talk about the complexities and contradictions of making art with consumers in mind; his past as a New York ad writer; and the chequered history of exchange between art and design.

Read Becky Huff Hunter’s interview with Jeremy Hutchinson at Whitehot, published March 2011.