Press Info

Hello! I’m so happy that you’d like to let me know about your exhibition or send me an art-related press release. While I’d truly love to spend all my time in galleries, right now that’s not possible. Take note:


I live in Philadelphia, USA, so I prefer to hear about contemporary art in my community and broader region (say, PA, NY, NJ, MD, DC). I can’t review your show in the South of France or even Columbus, OH, much as I’d like to. Phone/Skype interviews can work, but think about why you’d like me to interview you, rather than someone else.

Mailing lists

My inbox is pretty crazy, so please don’t subscribe me to your mailing list unless you’re based in Philly—and even then, it would be so much nicer to hear from you personally. (I use liberally to batch mailing list emails, so I generally don’t see these in time to review them.)


Browse through my recent writing to get a sense of my style and what I’m interested in covering. If you think I might love your show, send me low-res photos so that I can absorb your work, and include text in the email body (not a PDF).


It helps to know exactly when your show will be open and if I can make an appointment. Most online magazines require the exhibition to still be up when the review is published. This means that if your show is only three weeks long or you’re only telling me about on opening night, it’s unlikely I can cover it.

Be in touch!

If you work near me or have an extraordinary project further afield, I look forward to hearing from you!