contemporary art writing

*a list of art writing with links and scans where available

Painters Sculpting/Sculptors Painting, Fleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia. Artforum print, May 2017.

Quicktime: Fast, casual painting in Philadelphia, University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Two Coats of Paint, April 2017.

“Pareidolia” (catalogue essay) for Shawn Thornton, CUE Art Foundation, New York, April 2017.

Douglas Witmer’s simplicity, Dubh Glas at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia. Two Coats of Paint, March 2017.

Letter on the value of museum objects, commissioned for the project Unanswered Letter, exhibited in Lenka Clayton: Object Temporarily Removed, Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, February through July 2017.

Rodney McMillian: Waging An Artist’s War, Sculpture Magazine, January/February 2017.

Exhibition essay for Nick Hughes, London, January 2017.

Active Voice, Ulises, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, December 2016.

Jane Irish, A Rapid Whirling on the Heel, Locks Gallery, Philadelphia. Artforum print, September 2016.

Lee Arnold, Mark Brosseau, Meg Lipke, Repeater, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, April 2016.

500 Words: Louise Fishman,, March 2016.

Ellen Harvey, The Museum of Ornamental Leaves and Other Monochromatic Collections, Locks Gallery, and Metal Painting, The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia. frieze, March 2016.

Jennifer Levonian and Sarah Gamble, Shake Out Your Cloth and Vibraspace, Fleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, March 2016.

Patrick Maguire, We’re on a Road to Nowhere, University City Arts League, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, January 2016.

Catherine Pancake, Bloodland, Vox Populi, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, December 2015.

Becky Suss, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, December 2015.

Amelia Critchlow and Evy Jokhova, Mimesis, Westminster Arts Reference Library, London. Catalogue essay, December 2015.

Gabriel Martinez, Bayside Revisited, The Print Center, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, 2015.

Various writings for the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 2013–15.

Shelley Spector: Keep the Home Fires Burning, Philadelphia Museum of Art. Critic’s Pick, 2015.

Framing Fraktur: Word and Image, Free Library of Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, 2015.

A Fine Line: Drawing and the Digital Ground in the Work of Tamarin Norwood, Philadelphia and London. CAA Art Journal Open, 2014.

Sarah Sze, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia. Sculpture Magazine, 2014.

Matt Giel, studio visit, Philadelphia. Title Magazine, 2014.

Showing and Sharing: Philadelphia’s Artist-led Magazines, feature article. Art Papers, 2014.

Life Drawing Studio, blog post. Miranda,, 2014.

ALIEN SHE, Vox Populi, Philadelphia. Art Papers, 2014.

Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck: A Hatchet to Kill Old Ugly, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, 2014.

Artlantic, Atlantic City, feature article. Sculpture Magazine, 2014.

Emily Erb: Legal Tender, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington. Critic’s Pick, 2014.

Lynda Benglis: Everything Flows, Locks Gallery, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, 2014.

CITYWIDE: Capturing Philadelphia’s Community, blog post. Miranda,, 2014.

“Distributed Practice” and “Jane Boyer: When Context Takes the Game”, essay and interview in the exhibition catalogue This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time, and Context in the Digital Age, London, 2014.

Social-specific Art in Philadelphia, essay in Artists Reclaim the Commons. International Sculpture Center/University of Washington Press, 2013.

Matt Calderwood and David Jablonowski, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. Art Papers, 2013.

More than words: An interview with Karla Black, Philadelphia. Art in America, 2013.

Juliana Foster: In and for themselves, catalogue essay, Philadelphia, 2013.

Video Sur III, Fourth Wall, Vox Populi, Philadelphia. Art Papers, 2013.

Distributed Collectives, little berlin, Philadelphia. Art Papers, 2012.

Excursus III: Ooga Booga, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, 2012.

Isidro Blasco: Interventions, Philadelphia., 2012.

A History of the Future, The Gershman Y, Philadelphia., 2012.

Scott Kip, Marginal Utility, Philadelphia. Art Papers, 2012.

Martha Wilson: Staging the Self, Arcadia University Art Gallery, Philadelphia. Critic’s Pick, 2012.

Paul Swenbeck: Dor and Oranur, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia. Sculpture Magazine, 2012.

Optic Fiber, The University City Arts League, Philadelphia., 2012.

You, Me, We, She, FLeisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia. Art Papers, 2012.

Agnes Martin, laughter, and psychoanalysis (research and writing residency with Dr. Marika Rose). Concept Plus Object, 2012.

Susan Sayler and Edward Morris, Open Lens Gallery, Philadelphia., 2012.

Low Lives, performance series, little berlin, Philadelphia., 2012.

Ben Rivers/Return of the New, screening, International House, Philadelphia., 2012.

Infectious Sovereignty: Editorializing the Exhibition (Triple Candie), interview feature. Art Papers, 2012.

Don McCullin: Shaped by War, interview feature. The Market, 2012.

Mark Dion, interview feature. The Market, 2012.

Blowing on a Hairy Shoulder/Grief Hunters, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Art Papers, 2012.

Katie Murken, interview, Philadelphia., 2011.

Emily Erb and Nakima Ollin, Garden of Earthly Delights, Norristown Arts Center, Philadelphia., 2011.

Kari Altmann: Core Sample, Extra Extra, Philadelphia., 2011.

review: Jeff Williams, Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia,, 2011.

review: a-n Blogs: Becky Hunter selects David Riley, UK. a-n, 2011.

Copies and Fakes: Where do artists stand? ,, 2011.

Epic Pain, little berlin, Philadelphia., 2011.

book review:
Irish Women Artists 1800–2009: Familiar but Unknown
, book review., 2011.

Adam Clarke
, interview, Middlesbrough., 2011.

Jeremy Hutchison
, interview, London., 2011.

Sophie Calle: True Stories, book review., 2011.

Tom Morton
, interview, London., 2011.

The Few and Far Between, interview, London. Dazed Digital, 2011.

Suzanne Lacy, Leaving Art
, book review., 2010.

Andrew Suggs
, interview, Philadelphia., 2010.

Ana Finel Honigman, interview, Berlin. Dazed Digital, 2010.

Ana Finel Honigman: Saccharine
, feature interview, Berlin., 2010.

Antonello Marotta: Contemporary Museums
, book review., 2010.

Queer Voice, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia., 2010.

June Leaf: Record 1974/1975, book review., 2010.

Nick Hornby, interview, London. Dazed Digital, 2010.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres and William McKeown, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art., 2010.

Bora Aksu, interview, London. Dazed Digital, 2010.

Northern Art Prize
, Leeds City Art Gallery., 2010.

Agnes Martin: Tate Artist Rooms
, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh., 2009.

Jeff Koons: Retrospective
, Serpentine Gallery, London., 2009.

Mark Dion
, interview, Newcastle-upon-Tyne., 2009.

Marco Maggi
, interview., 2009.

Yoko Ono: Retrospective
, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead., 2009.

RUN Gallery: Hana Noorali and Lynton Talbot
, interview, London., 2009.

Sara Wingate Gray, interview, Berlin., 2009.

Gary Hume: Door Paintings, Modern Art Oxford., 2008.

Mariko Mori
, interview, London., 2008.

Simon Faithfull
, interview, London., 2008.

Kendell Geers
, interview, Newcastle-upon-Tyne., 2008.

Richard Forster
, interview, Newcastle-upon-Tyne., 2008.

Louise Bourgeois: Retrospective
, Tate Modern, London., 2007.

Nicolas Deshayes: NEO
, RUN Gallery, London., 2007.