Adam Clarke / Here Not There

In exploring the three scrubbed-up, former office rooms containing books, resources and works of art comprising here not there, it seems fitting to begin with The Lamp Room. This temporary library space, complete with writing desks and other furniture, manifests artist-curator Adam Clarke’s proactive response to problems faced by contemporary artists now. In this way, The Lamp Room serves as an excellent introduction to the exhibition’s ethos as a whole.

The notion of the library or resource centre as an installation in itself has become a recent tradition, particularly in politically focused, research-oriented contemporary practice. For example, the Martha Rosler Library installed at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh in 2008, provided a touchable, readable and carefully catalogued archive of the radical left wing artist’s literature collection in a comfortably studious environment. This year, gracing the new Whitechapel Gallery, London, was Goshka Macuga’s painstakingly researched documentary archive on Picasso’s Guernica, and a bookable meeting space for political activists.

Read more of this interview by Becky Huff Hunter at Whitehot, published April 2011.