Grids: formalized violence

Just watched this short interview with Cornelia Parker. She’s sitting at her desk in front of a big window sewing grid lines into a piece of white paper, using thin wire drawn from bullet-metal as thread. She says, There’s approximately a bullet’s worth of lead in each drawing, so when you get this grid it’s […]

Review: Matt Calderwood / David Jablonowski

While I was in the UK in April, I visited some shows in the North of England. The physical and conceptual overlaps between these two exhibitions prompted an Art Papers extended review. The May/June issue of Art Papers focuses on space as context. Matt Calderwood / David Jablonowski BALTIC 39, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne / BALTIC, Gateshead, UK […]

This ‘Me’ of Mine: Accompanying Book

From 2011–13, I have been following Jane Boyer’s progress as she has brought her curatorial project This ‘Me’ of Mine from “idea to intention,” and now to realisation. The Arts Council England-funded touring exhibition is currently up at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks. I contributed an interview with Jane and an essay on the web-based portion of […]

Julianna Foster: In, and for, themselves

Julianna Foster’s Kirkwood (2011) photographs set a derelict cottage in a dense, encroaching forest. Mud, ash and paper scatter within its ripped walls and in an eerie dislocation of scale, a single flame stretches to threaten a whole room. It takes a few minutes to register that the house is a modest plywood model, deliberately […]

Don McCullin Landscape Photography

Don McCullin: Shaped By War And More

Interview with Don McCullin Read the illustrated PDF Internationally renowned photojournalist Don McCullin recently gave a talk at the Imperial War Museum, London, where an exhibition surveying his life’s work – Shaped by War – is now on display. In attendance was a young man: “He was a photographer, I thought he was a soldier… […]

Essay: On time, repetition and melancholia in Anthony Boswell’s work

‘Time Box’ (2010) is a modest theatrical set-up enclosed within a white carton, with one vertical cardboard wall removed for viewing. The room is surreal, inverted and askew, with a wooden model chair, a photograph taken from a three-dimensional grey watercolour interior, and a gold-rimmed timepiece reflected in its mirrored floor. The ticking clock in […]