Lindsay Chandler, Optic Fiber, University City Arts League, 2012

Optic Fiber / University City Arts League

Optic Fiber is a restrained, elegant exhibition juxtaposing two very different approaches to working with textiles and objects. With Doug Witmer’s thoughtful organizing and light curatorial touch, the show at University City Arts League leaves adequate room for Fjord Gallery member Lindsay Chandler’s loud, knitted, and woven pieces to converse formally with Ana B. Hernandez’s blanched, […]

Distributed Collectives / Little Berlin

Since the early 1990s, net art has evolved and established itself at the same rapid pace as digital technology. Simultaneously structured by, and acting upon, its medium, current online practice poses specific curatorial challenges relating to its mass digital distribution, typically private reception, and the spatial, temporal and institutional constraints of public gallery display. Recent […]

Scott Kip / Marginal Utility

Artist-led gallery Marginal Utility is an awkward, windowless, L-shaped space divided into three sections, each a little larger and darker than the last. Scott Kip skillfully responded to this challenging space in Illuminated Structures [June 1-July 29, 2012], presenting three groups of carefully lit, handmade objects that progress in formal and metaphorical complexity from room […]

Little Berlin show devoted to art and writing

Check your literal-mindedness at the door. “Reading Room: Intersections Between Art & Writing,” a group show organized by Becky Huff Hunter for Little Berlin, reveals itself slowly. Eventually, though, the boundaries between the two mediums of expression begin to blur — and fascinatingly so. Artists can be strikingly original writers and vice versa. If you […]

Matt Giel, Atlantic City, photograph in Duett at Grizzly Grizzly, Jan 2012

Duett: Becky Hunter makes her curatorial debut, by Ana Finel Honigman

For “Duett,” her curatorial debut, critic Becky Hunter demonstrated how an excellent curator combines the skills of a scholar and yenta. The match Hunter made between Berlin-based British artist, Alanna Lawley, and Philadelphian photographer, Matt Giel, yielded an intelligent, creative, conversation about photography, distance, abstract communication and curatorship. In the spirit of today’s Internet age, […]