Tamarin Norwood, Tracey I Love You, 2012

Reading Room: art and writing

Reading Room explores some of the ways in which contemporary visual artists, poets, writers, and scholars practice in the rich seam between art and writing. Focusing on works with particular sensual, personal, or material immediacy, the exhibition seeks to integrate expression and analysis.

Concept plus object: Agnes Martin, laughter & psychoanalysis

Marika Rose and I ask why people laughed at Agnes Martin’s drawings in the 1960s, using psychoanalytic theory as a framework for discussion. For the month of July, 2012, I’m collaborating with Marika Rose on Concept Plus Object an online writing residency set up by Philadelphia artists Tim Portlock, Anita Allyn, and Jim Johnson. Jane […]

Artist, curator and critic Jane Boyer interviews Becky on her research and writing, and her intentions for CONCEPT PLUS OBJECT

I’ve repeatedly failed at making art, but my critical interest in Martin has only deepened. I observe in much of her work (not just the black paintings) a tense, disquieting affect, detailed in this review (2009). Through archival research, I discovered that before her major 1973 retrospective at ICA Philadelphia, responses to Martin’s work were far more ambivalent […]

Ben Rivers, Slow Action, production still

Ben Rivers / International House

As a Brit stranded in Philadelphia until my green card arrives, I was keen to catch up on current art filmmaking from my little island, on view last Wednesday at ICA and International House. Up first in a program titled Return of the New – Recent Film/Video Works from the UK, “What it is Not” is an hour-long compilation […]