Matt Giel, Atlantic City, photograph in Duett at Grizzly Grizzly, Jan 2012

Duett: Becky Hunter makes her curatorial debut, by Ana Finel Honigman

For “Duett,” her curatorial debut, critic Becky Hunter demonstrated how an excellent curator combines the skills of a scholar and yenta. The match Hunter made between Berlin-based British artist, Alanna Lawley, and Philadelphian photographer, Matt Giel, yielded an intelligent, creative, conversation about photography, distance, abstract communication and curatorship. In the spirit of today’s Internet age, […]

Duett: Matt Giel and Alanna Lawley

Two artists reach “across the pond” to create collaborative works based on the physical experience of the photographic image in the innovative exhibition “Duett.” Organized by art writer and curator Becky Hunter, the exhibition presents the results of a six-month transatlantic exchange between British, Berlin-based artist Alanna Lawley and Matt Giel, an American artist living […]

Jeff Williams, Grizzly Grizzly, 2011

Jeff Williams / Grizzly Grizzly

To access Jeff Williams’ pair of low-fi dissolving machines in Grizzly Grizzly’s appropriately-industrial, paint-pocked space, you must squeeze past a waist-high concrete beam held horizontal by a hydraulic jack under it and by its attachment to the wall and to a single white support beam in the gallery. Behind the concrete barrier at the center of the small, rear […]